Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tories lose grip on power in Brighton after Hove councillor resigns

Well yet another resignation - not from the Government this time, but Brighton and Hove City Council.

Paul Lainchbury, the absentee Tory who has missed every committee and community meeting for a year, has finally done the decent thing and resigned.

This means the Tories have just 25 of the council's 54 seats, and even with the support of former Tory Independent Jayne Bennett they can't rustle up as many votes as the Greens, Labour and Lib-Dems (who have 27 between them).

No-one really knows what will happen next, but there'll be a by-election and, possibly, a quick motion of no confidence in unpopular - and widely regarded as failing - Tory council leader Mary Mears.

Given that (a) it was a pretty close-run thing last time, (b) Lainchbury's record as a councillor making it pretty unthinkable that the Tories will hold his seat, (c) the demise of the Lib-Dems locally, and (d) with Labour losing elections all over the place, the smart money's on the Green Party's Alex Phillips winning the seat.

That would put Labour and the Greens on equal footing with 13 seats apiece. Interesting times.

There's more on the whole saga in today's Argus


  1. All quite a laugh.
    But with all 3 main parties promising to rob our wages to pay for the bankers bail out ,from the point of council workers like me the result is almost irrelevant.
    What matters is the strength of the unions to resist these inevitable attacks,and in fact the confidence of ordinary union members that we can win.
    A strong Green group on the council that was 100% behind the staff would obviously be a boost for us in any future dispute with our employers.

  2. First, the Green group is entirely supportive of council staff, as evidenced, for example, by our (thus far unsuccessful, thanks in part to labour opposition) work on introducing a Living Wage for all employees and a limit on senior management salaries to pay for it.

    Secondly, I wonder did you ever demand your money back from our local Labour MPs? If so, how did you get on?

    And finally, thanks for your suppportive words.