Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Two days to go, and the Green Party endorsements come rushing in...

News reached my Kemp Town basement today of two new endorsement from single issue activists impressed by the Green Party policies and voting records in the run-up to Thursday's EU election.

First, the news portal UK Gay News, threw its weight behind the Greens on Sunday, with the following statement:

“The [Green] party’s two current MEPs, Jean Lambert ( London ) and Caroline Lucas (South East) have served the European LGBT community well and their voting record is superb. There is no reason to believe that the Green MEPs in the new Parliament will not continue in the same way – it’s in their manifesto.”

And now (for something completely different), the animal rights group Viva! (formerly Brighton-based), have backed the Green Party too. In an email to its members and supporters, the group said:

Dear Viva! friend,

As you know, Viva! is a non-party political organisation, but we support any political moves to end animal suffering and protect the environment. This is a one-off email to let you know that Caroline Lucas – the Green Party MEP – for the South East region is standing for re-election in the upcoming European election on June 4.

In a recent analysis by Protecting Animals in Democracy (PAD) Caroline Lucas came a joint best on animal rights. She is a long-standing vegetarian, and has been an outspoken advocate for animal rights and campaigns against factory farming.

Because the EU elections use a proportional representation voting system, every vote counts.

We hope this information is helpful for June 4!

Yours for the animals

I've no idea how much difference these'll make - but we're nearing the end game now, so I guess we'll find out soon.

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