Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Attack of the clones...

From Starbucks to Tesco - residents' protesting to protect St James's Street from losing in unique, quirky charm have turned their attention from Starbucks to the new Tesco Express due to open any day now over the road.

Good on them - I'll try to join them tonight: they're protesting outside the new shop on the corner of Dorset Gardens and St James's St from 6pm.

They are calling for a widespread boycott of the new store in protest at their predatory practises - and the real danger they pose to nearby local traders.

As I said in today's Argus piece reporting the boycott call:

"The opening of a Tesco store means a threat to other local businesses and an adverse effect on the local economy.

"I think there is a threat to the future of St James's Street and the surrounding area if it becomes another clone-town street.

"It has already got the Starbucks and now it will have a Tesco Express too.

"If we are not careful, St James's Street could end up looking like another other street in the city and that is not good for business.

"Its unique character is what keeps footfall so high at the moment."

1 comment:

  1. This protest is ridiculous and idiotic. Will the protesters be staging a boycott of Morrisons when it opens too? What about the Co-op, and Ladbrokes, and Age Concern, and Mind, and Boots, and Superdrug? Those are all chain stores too.

    I'm pleased the new Tesco is there. It makes the street look much nicer and as though it is thriving, rather than getting progressively more run down. If anything I'll be shopping there *more* often, just to spite the protesters.