Thursday, 23 July 2009

By-election (final) update: a two-horse race

Well the Goldsmid by-election is all over but the voting - and the counting.

Though all the parties seem to have working hard over recent weeks - testament to the by-election's significance for the future of the council - and some havce argued politics in our city - it seems to have come down to a two-horse race between the incumbent Tories and the Greens.

Canvass returns, rumours about postal votes and the general mood in the campaign seems to suggest yet another electoral wipe-out for Labour. Oh well - we'll see what happens, but to be fair the Government's deep unpopularity, the mounting death toll in Afghanistan, the crippling debts owed by UK PLC and the expenses scandal have all driven people away from them - and none of these has much to do with Goldsmid.

Locally, Labour is more likely to suffer a poor showing as a result of its bizarre candidate choice - Lis Telcs, a teacher from the other side of the city whose recent electoral history consists of managing to come sixth in the latest vote in Moulescooomb and Bevendean - a previous;y 'safe' labour ward.

In a final appeal to voters the Green Party's Alex Phillips said today's result will determine the future of the council - and she's right. Currently, the Tories are running the council with just 25 councillors (out of 54 - well under half), so whoever wins today will effectively decide the future of the administration.

Weighty stuff indeed.

Hoping to bag that role for herself, Alex appealed to undecided voters to go Green, saying a Green vote is a vote to return honesty and integrity to public life.

She said: "As the Green candidate in this election, the result of which will help determine how the city is run, I'm appealing to undecided voters to support me on Thursday.

"If elected, I promise to be a hard working, caring and understanding city councillor.

"The race is now a straight fight between the Tories and the Greens, as Vince Meegan, the former Labour councillor for the area has recently pointed out.

"If you want to stop the Tories and help deliver a brighter, fairer future for the city, vote Green."

Whatever happens, I'll bring you the result here as soon as I can.

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  1. It seems that Labour are being reduced down to a rump of champagne socialists Ben!