Thursday, 16 July 2009

Goldsmid By-election latest: Kemptown candidate in the frame

I bet Labour's man in Kemptown, Simon Burgess, is fuming today - his Goldsmid counterpart Lis Telcs has suggested in her latest leaflet that being on the payroll of an elected politician (Simon works for Des Turner MP) should be seen by voters as lacking commitment to the local community.

It's mudsling again: this time it seems lawful but just a bit desperate, and bound to spread further dissent among Labour members locally.

Bizarrely, Lis tells us all how much work she's been doing for the local community 'for no reason other than to better the City that we live in'. Well she lives in Queen's Park and I've certainly never seen her at a community meeting.

Perhaps I've got that pleasure to come. Lis could well stand for election here in Queen's Park if Golsdmid voters choose a local candidate instead.

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  1. Too right - and of course our candidate Alex Phillips doesn't even work for Caroline Lucas MEP, she works for Brighton & Hove Green Party. She's not paid by MEP office in any way. Total fail by Labour.

    If only they could come up with some policies instead of mudslinging.