Wednesday, 1 July 2009

'Sage of Sussex' predicts 'electoral tsunami' in Goldsmid

The Argus columnist Adam Trimingham, know as the sage of Sussex in a previous incarnation, has upset council officers and both Labour and Tory councillors by predicting that a Green Party win in the July 23rd Goldsmid by-election would cause shock waves around the country.

He thinks a Green win is looking increasingly likely, and could pave the way for the first Green MPs to be returned here in Brighton.

Personally, I think 'electoral tsunami' is a bit over the top (I guess the sub-editors will have come up with that one, to be fair to Adam) - but it is always heartening to open your local paper in the morning and read that such an experienced and influential columnist thinks your time has come!

The article's here.

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  1. Hi ben, not sure Adam was that complementary of the greens. He has doubts, as i do about the Greens policies. I think he is wrong about the Greens being a flash in the pan and i always thought Lucas could win in B.Pav, since the expenses thing and the Euros, i will be surprised if she doesn't add the extra 2-3 thousand votes she needs to beat both Labour and Tory. I have a feeling she might walk it with a 3k majority. Saying this, i still worry abour your campaign in Goldsmid. It seems non-existent at mo. Are all your activists away on their hols or something? I think it will be close, lots could depend on how well the 'spoiler' Lib Dems do. I think it between green and tory. Lis has made the early running, but she is an establishment candidate, awful as far as i am concerned, but Alex needs to up her campaign, get out there with more leaflets. It will be a real defining election if the greens pull it off in Goldsmid and my feeling is you will. It will be a disaster if the Tories hold on in a 4 way split.