Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Times Columnist speculates on Green party win in Norwich by-election

This comment piece is a couple of days old now - but I reckon it's a classic.

Speculating on the Norwich North by-election due to take place this Thursday, former Today front man Rod Liddle raises the question: what happens if the Green Party wins the by-election?

Well obviously, neither I, in Brighton Kemptown, or Caroline Lucas, in Brighton Pavilion, will be able to urge voters to elect the country's first Green Party MP!

Rod Liddle, in an otherwise faultless analysis, prefers to think in terms of the 'tumultuous' electoral effect a Green Party wion would have.

And he's right: we know that, in general, Green councillors are hard working and popular - wherever they get elected, voters elect more. Most Green groups around the country have tended to follow the growth pattern of Brighton and Hove, with its council group growing from one, to three, to six, and now to 12 (maybe 13 on Thursday!).

And electing our first MP to parliament, whenever that happens, and whether it's in Brighton, London or Norwich, will be bound to spark a similar effect at a national level.

As people's understanding of the policy relevance and depth of the Green Party grows, and more of us see how hard their candidates work on behalf of local residents when elected, so will willingness to vote Green Party.

I hope Rupert Read (pictured) wins in Norwich North on Thursday, and gives the Green Party our first MP.

I hope that gives those in Brighton Kemptown who believe in fairness and an end to poverty, protecting our planet and democracy (and those who just want a hard-working local MP!) to vote Green Party and elect England's second Green MPs next May, or whenever the election is called).

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