Monday, 7 September 2009

Brighton Beach Patrol: Part Baywatch, part You've Been Framed

Channel Five's new series Brighton Beach Patrol takes a brash (but simplistic) look at our city's tourist industry - creating a vision that's part Baywatch and part You've Been Framed. It's certainly not a place I recognise, really.

We meet some of the lifeguards, PCSOs, coastguards and street sweepers trying to make Brighton a safe and fun place for the 8 million tourists it attracts a year.

But it's entertainment (well it tries) - not documentary - and it paints a picture of a singularly illiberal town. Dispersal orders are handed out like sweets and, Judge Dredd style, the police and council staff are there to stamp on any drunkenness or unlicensed trading quickly. (Perhaps that was the deal that meant the council allowed them to make the film in the first place?)

The programme didn't seem to have any glaring policy recommendations for a Brighton policy maker, but it did have some beautiful shots of the beach in the sunshine (including a couple of Kemp Town beach and a distant Brighton Marina) - and it's always good fun trying to spot someone you know in a local 'crowd' shot.

So, though I won't be too upset if I miss it I'll be tuning in for the next episode on Fiver tomorrow...

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