Monday, 21 September 2009

Free tickets for Labour Party conference...

It seems the organisers of next week's Labour Party conference are already running scared at the thought of all those empty seats (who really wants to spend £140 in a recession listening to tomorrow's has-beens droning on about privatisation, war and the inevitability of cuts?) - and launched a plan to fill them up - giving them away free to Brighton residents.

The Independent reported last week that the freebies are on offer for the closing day, October 1st.

Personally, I'll be going on Tuesday, to hear what Gord-help-us Brown's got to say for himself, and to check out the policing operation - and its impact on people living in the area.

I've already received an angry report or two from traders predicting a collapse in takings - and been at public meetings which have heard how PCSOs are being 'temporarily re-assigned' to conference duties, but at the moment I'm with the majority who just think putting up with a few days inconvenience is the necessary price to pay for living in a conference town. We'll see.

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