Saturday, 5 September 2009

Green Party Conference 3

This afternoon The Green Party conference in Hove will host a panel of speakers debating Green Party policy on policing.

Sussex Police Authority member Ben Duncan (who is also a Brighton& Hove City Councillor), Metropolitan Police Authority Member Jenny Jones, Beatrix Campbell (criminal justice campaigner) and Matt Follett (Criminologist and Green Party Policy Co-ordinator) will debate Green approaches to Crime and policing.

How safe our communities feel - and the way we are policed - are central issues for the Greens.

We believe we need a fundamental shift from an increasingly armed police force whose job it is to protect the interests of the state and big business to a more visible, neighbourhood-based police service whose job it is to protect our human rights, not just from murderers, rapists and burglars, but from the state too, where necessary.

Being a member of Sussex Police Authority has given me a chance to make exactly these arguments - and with some successes.

I successfully proposed an increase in spending on neighbourhood policing, and have defended cash (from Tory assaults) for county-wide services for victims of rape and domestic violence, as well as playing a key role in improving the environmental sustainability of the police here in Brighton.

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