Monday, 28 September 2009

Local Labour activists must be furious...

I bet local Labour Party activists are fuming. Just as they hope to be showcasing their national talent, and reminding shoppers and tourists that Labour do still form the Government (I can only presume that's what the machine guns are for) - the national press is reporting that Green Party leader Caroline Lucas is addressing a meeting hosted by left-wing campaign group Compass - but the Brighton Pavilion candidate Nancy Platts (who Caroline looks set to beat in next year's election) hasn't been invited.

The Compass chair was quick to try and dampen any fuss by telling the Guardian that of their recent policy documents, nine were supported by the Green Party and none at all by Labour. No wonder people are upset that Lucas is getting a chance to remind Labour Party delegates what they came into politics for in the first place...

But I don't see any hard feelings written on the face of Labour's Brighton Kemptown candidate Simon Burgess. Speaking on the BBC's regional Politics Show, Simon was proud to offer his support for Gord-help-us Brown, and, amazingly, revealed that he had been out on the doorstep of traditionally anti-war Queen's Park with Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, talking up the war in Afghanistan. A brave man indeed.

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