Friday, 11 September 2009

Lucas launches General Election bid

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas officially launched her bid to become one of Britain's first Green MPs yesterday at Brighton's Fabrica Gallery.

Dr Lucas, who is also a Euro-MP, used her speech at the event - hosted by TV comedian Marcus Brigstocke - to reinforce the Green Party's commitment to building a fairer society and to tackling a spiralling inequality that sees as many as one in five UK children living in poverty.

Caroline said: "Greens are about delivering a dynamic economy, and one that benefits people waiting tables at restaurants in Preston Street, or those working in Brighton and Hove's unique digital media sector - not just a handful of people in the Square Mile.

"Greens are also about defending the Royal Sussex hospital as a local, free-at-the-point-of-delivery public service – so that everyone can access decent healthcare, and so that we aren't paying extortionate fees to private shareholders."

"With the economy and public services in crisis, and traditional Westminster politics perpetually mired in sleaze, only the Green Party offers the people of Brighton and Hove - and beyond - a future built around honest politics and common sense policies."

Couldn't have put it better myself. I just hope the reality that we in the Green Party are concerned about fighting for fairness for all - and not just banging on about the environment all the time - is filtering through to voters.


  1. Coming from an old Labour family,I recognise many of your policies about fairness,and will be voting for Caroline Lucas at the next election.
    I fear however that you put yourselves across as the party of self-sacrifice,telling ordinary people that we must pay to save the planet.
    Green Leaf focuses on issues like organic food,alternative medicine and recycling at the expense of coverage of jobs,housing,cuts,racism,tax rises,pension cuts,etc.
    Not even a mention of the Vestas workers' fight for green jobs.
    Please don't get stuck in the ghetto of central Brighton & Hove.

  2. My sentiments exactly, Greens should not be afraid of class politics.