Monday, 21 September 2009

Only a Green MP will fight local cuts

The last few weeks' headlines have made interesting reading for political party watchers: we've had the Tories appeal directly to Lib-Dem voters, the Lib-Dems appeal directly to Green voters (as if they'd be drawn to Nick Clegg's plan to slash public spending even more than the Tories ten per cent and Labour's nine per cent) and Labour appeal to, well no-one really.

It's all posturing, of course - and doesn't really signal any great change in the attitudes of any of the major parties: the Green included.

But whatever happens between now and next year's General Election voters will face a choice between three parties who have stated the need for cuts on a massive scale, representing a decimation of the public sector - clearing some of our astronomical national debt but at a cost of increased unemployment and further widening the gap between rich and poor - and, here in Brighton at least, a credible alternative in the shape of the Greens.

If I'm elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown I can't pretend that I'll be playing a role in Government - but I'll bring a radical Green voice to Westminster, and fighting to make sure that, whether it's Labour or the Tories wielding the axe, local people don't end up paying the price.

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