Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Political Heroes

Obviously there aren't too many Tory voters in these parts (well, fewer than Green Party ones anyway) - and whenever their elected representatives risk opening their mouths I remember why.

The latest outburst, coming from local Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan, has to send a chill down your spine, really.

According to a report in The Argus, duffer Dan has publicly let slip his penchant for fascists: apparently the MEP has named Enoch Powell as one of his all-time political heroes.

Yes, you heard me right: Enoch Powell, the man sacked from the Tory front-benches after warning that allowing immigration into the UK would result in 'rivers of blood' in our towns and cities. Nice.

For what it's worth, some of my political heroes (of course I've got hundreds) are Tony Benn, Rosa Parks, Jello Biafra, Jean Lambert, Wat Tyler, Peter Kropotkin, Alice Nutter, Benjamin Zephaniah and Murray Bookchin.

Who are yours? Answers please, on a postcard...


  1. green is the new red, isn't it ?

  2. Spot on Laban. I'm a socialist first, environmentalist second. Like many Green Party activists I used to be a Labour supporter until they gave up on the idea of fairness.