Monday, 5 October 2009

Brighton: the alcohol harm to children capital of the UK?

I've just heard some pretty amazing figures at a meeting of Sussex Police Authority's Neighbourhood Policing Scrutiny Committee (of which I'm the Vice-Chairman), which I thought I'd share: five children are hospitalised each week in Brighton and Hove as a direct result of alcohol use.

That compares with 18 a day across the whole country - or 126 a week.

That's pretty staggering - it's about one case in 25 across the country, when, using a rough estimate based on population (about 250,000 out of 60 million) we'd expect to see more like a tenth of that.

It common knowledge now that Brighton is the drug death capital of the UK: it seems we take the dubious accolade of being the alcohol harm to children capital too.

More later when I've really got to the bottom of these figures.

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