Thursday, 22 October 2009

Councillors in Huddersfield adopt Green proposal to halt taxpayer-funded Christmas Parties

Last night councillors in Yorkshire voted for a Green Party proposal to stop funding Christmas Parties - and give the cash back to the local taxpayer.

The motion, proposed by the Kirklees Council Green Party Leader Councillor Andrew Cooper
simply said:

"This Council believes that the Party Groups hospitality allowance is unjustifiable and should be abolished."

Previously this £2,500 budget had been used to pay for food and alcohol for a Christmas Party for councillors.

The Green Party councillors had not been using their allocation under this budget and for many years had consistently called for the abolition of the hospitality allowance.

Speaking after the vote, Councillor Cooper said:

"The motion was put and no one could or would stand up and argue against it but when it came to the vote it was noticeable that the Conservatives failed to support the motion and abstained.

"I simply don't understand why a Party that professes to be interested in good management of public expenditure would be so anxious to hang on to their 'beer money' that they couldn't either support or even argue against the motion."

There's no similar budget line here in Brighton and Hove, but the council (and therefore the local taxpayer) does fund two mayoral parties a year for councillors and senior staff to rub shoulders with other city big-wigs over a glass of wine.

Somehow I don't see our local Tories being very impressed with the idea of having a 'Turkeys vote for Christmas' ballot here!

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