Thursday, 8 October 2009

Moulsecoomb's lonely Tory councillor admits: people just don't like us

In the dark days of Britain (and Brighton) under Margaret Thatcher politics got personal. When public services were heaped on a bonfire of tax cuts for the richest, privatisation and council house sales saw much of our family silver frittered away - and when entire streets were wracked with unemployment and poverty, people began to hate the Tory politicians responsible.

I often think that we've moved on a bit: David Cameron is always at pains to be more likeable than clever, and to some extent he's succeeded.

But I bet he's fuming today, after a national newspaper covering the Tory conference in Manchester reports that Moulsecoomb and Bevendean councillor Maria Caulfield has admitted that most people just don't like the Tories - or trust them, very much.

'Not everybody can bring themselves to like us Conservatives,' clumsy Maria is reported as saying.

'It's not like 1997 when everybody loved Labour. People don't love us. We've got to earn their trust and prove that we're different from what they think we are.'

I guess that's why we don't see Simon Radford-Kirby round this way very often.

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