Thursday, 8 October 2009

MTV and Fox refuse advert designed to unprogram brand loyalties

This film isn't really my style, but I've shared it simply because I've been asked to nicely by the good folk of Canada-based Adbusters.

It's a TV advert which uses all the tricks of the trade to try to confuse the viewer and undermine the brand identities of the products mentioned: an all out attempt to subvert the attempts of Starbucks, McDonalds etc to sell more products.

Unsurprisingly, the TV networks wouldn't take Adbusters' money - and simply refused to air the advert.

So I've posted it here: in the hope that other bloggers will do the same and more people will see it.

For me though, this is an argument about basic human rights: we are, it seems, guaranteed the freedom of speech, but not the freedom to use the media to ensure anyone actually listens.

Advertising is, it's proponents would agree, an attempt to use one media or another to persuade you to change your behaviour - usually (but not always, of course) to buy something.

It seems to me that when an advert is refused for trying to use exactly the same techniques to try and promote a different message - one that is more beneficial to society - it's time for the law and government regulators to step in.

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