Monday, 5 October 2009

Open letter to Lily Allen - this is great!

Lily Allen makes great tunes. End of story. Her earlier ones, like LDN, tell a simple story - she cuts through the nonsense, sees the world for how it is and sings about it. To great beats.

But a few weeks ago I became aware of a nonsense essay she'd written on her MySpace page, decrying music file-sharing as a harbinger of death for new music.

Basically, she argued that by depriving record companies of income, file sharing was threatening the same companies from taking as punt on promoting new bands and singers - and therefore putting budding musicians off right from the start.

Well what rot.

And today someone sent me a link to a far better riposte than anything I could argue.

So do enjoy it.

And remember to play nicely and share.

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