Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Plugging the torrent of leaks from Kings House - the Ministry of Defence way?

Well the Ministry of Defence's clumsy loss may just be Brighton and Hove City Council's gain.

As the dribble of 'leaked' stories from the council's Kings House HQ becomes a veritable flood (in recent days we've had news that the increasingly paranoid Tory leader Mary Mears has been spending council taxpayers cash on sweeping 'her' corridor for 'bugs', that her administration has managed to run out of cash for housing repairs and, of the G-Scene expose looking at her role in a dodgy-seeming housing deal) perhaps the council's top management and lawyers are looking for some advice on how to make sure all this dirty linen isn't washed in public.

Well now it's there, if they know where to look.

It seems the Ministry of Defence published a secret guide on how to avoid media leaks a few years ago - and now someone's leaked it onto the Internet for all the world, including the chiefs at Mears Towers, to read.

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