Saturday, 24 October 2009

Soldier facing Court Martial for disobeying orders to address anti-war protest

During the first world war soldiers who refused to follow illegal orders were summarily shot for cowardice by their superior officers.

Thankfully, times have changed. Lance Corporal Joe Glenton is refusing to return to increasingly-bloody Afghanistan, and will address protesters at a 'Stop The War' demo in London later today - in direct defiance of orders.

His punishment will be a Court Martial and, probably, imprisonment for a while.

But for having the courage to stand up and say he's nor prepared to put his - and his colleagues - lives on the line for an obscure and unachievable goal, I think he deserves a medal for bravery.

It's Gordon Brown (who must be increasingly worried that even the armed forces are turning against the war) who should be on trial.


  1. The headline of this post doesn't seem to be correct. He may have been ordered not to attend, but from what I can gather he is facing Court Martial for refusing to be posted to Afghanistan.

  2. Thanks GG - you're right: headline duly changed.

  3. I still haven't found a direct connection between the protest and the court martial. I understand it's all about him refusing to go to Afghanistan. Do you have a better source than that StW link?

  4. Green Gordon is right, this squaddie is not being court martialed for addressing an anti-war ralley(though a new charge will surely be added). He is being court martialed for refusing to do the job he enlisted to do. There is no room for people like him in the modern British Army. He like all our other armed forced personnel are VOLUNTEERS. They signed on the dotted line...there is no comparison with the consciencetious objectors of WW1 & WW2 as most of those who served then were conscripts and not volunteers.

  5. @BBB I don't agree with the thrust of your argument, only on the legalistic point at the beginning.