Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Standing Up Against Global Poverty

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting staff and volunteers from CARE International, who were in Jubilee Square trying to persuade people to stop shopping for a few minutes and stand up and take action against global poverty.

They were trying to draw attention to the fact the poverty for millions is getting worse, and that the most devastating impacts of climate change are already being felt by many of the poorest across the developing world.

CARE International were trying to get millions of people from 70 countries around the world to 'Stand Up And Take Action'. In the UK alone, more than 200 MPs and parliamentary candidates took part.

We all pledged to send a copy of the Vote Global International Development Manifesto – a package of recommendations endorsed by more than 70 development charities, including CARE International - to our manifesto development teams.

The manifesto - which urges policy-makers to focus their efforts on reducing developing world debt, increasing aid payments, preventing runaway climate change and limiting its impact on the poorest, making international trade fair, stamping out corruption and delivering human rights for all - sounds remarkably like the Green Party Manifesto for a Sustainable Society, and I can't imagine it'll be hard for our manifesto team to incorporate most of it.

According to CARE International's own report of the day, Labour and Tory candidates were just as supportive. I hope - but somehow doubt - that, whoever wins the next election, the Government does everything it can to stamp out poverty around the world.

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