Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tories put environment on the back burner

Remember David Cameron's 'Vote Blue, Get Green' pledge? His husky-hugging on the slopes of the Svalbard glacier in Norway? His riding to work on a bike (albeit followed by a bag carrier in a car that he might as well have been sitting in)?

Well so do many of us in the Green Party - and the environmental movement. At the time we thought it was all nonsense: though we all hoped that the Tories had indeed switched their allegiance from their millionaire chums in the world of big business to our collective environment and the struggle to avert a climate crisis already spreading poverty and hitting the poorest hardest, most of us thought it was just a PR gimmick.

With it looking increasingly likely that the Tories will actually win power in next year's General Election, they're bound, we felt, to drop all this sooner or later.

And so it's been. In a piece to mark The Sun's defection to the Tories, last week, David C outlined his 10 priorities for a Tory government - and tackling climate change wasn't there.

Looks like if you want to 'get green' you'd better Vote Green after all.

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