Wednesday, 14 October 2009

UN says more than a billion around the world are going hungry

Shocking. I've just heard on the radio that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation has reported that the number of hungry people in the world has topped one billion.

I'm reminded why I went into politics in the first place: both to create a better and stronger community here in Kemptown - and a fairer world for all of us.

Hunger is entirely preventable. There's enough food for everyone, it's just poorly distributed.

Failure to do so isn't just a human tragedy on a massive scale, it threatens peace and security for all of us.

This Saturday, I'll be meeting local volunteers and staff from CARE International, who are holding a stall outside the Jubilee Library from noon to 2pm.

I'll be giving my commitment that a Green MP in Parliament will consistently argue for measures to stamp out global hunger and create a fairer world where poverty is reduced.

A good start will be to increase aid payments (and keep all the promises of the past), to make international trade fair - by redrawing the rules of global commerce to put people and democracy before profits, to persuade the international community to enforce existing international human rights laws guaranteeing everyone the right to the food, water, shelter and healthcare needed for at least a basic standard of living, and to do all we can to limit the most devastating impacts of climate change on the world's poorest.

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