Saturday, 3 October 2009

Winter of discontent must be averted

Oh Dear. Reading The Argus this week and talking to colleagues at the Council and in the unions it seems clear that we face a pretty harsh winter here in Brighton.

I'm not talking about the weather here - it's the likelihood of a double whammy collapse in local public services thanks, it seems, to the council's clumsy financial management: a freeze on council home repairs AND a devastating rubbish collection strike.

Both are a direct result of the council mismanaging its budgets (even my five year old boy manages his bean-counting operation better, to be honest) - and the legacy of the previous council spending thousands on promoting privatisation of council homes and failing to banish sex discrimination from the way council workers are paid.

And in both cases, it'll be the tenants and residents of the city who pay the price. I'll bring more information on the repairs crisis facing council tenants when I find out more myself.

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