Friday, 20 November 2009

Banning words and burning books at paranoid Brighton Council HQ

Brighton Council's minority Tory leadership is becoming increasingly paranoid and twitchy as its grip on power seems to slip away.

Last month we had the bizarre news that the council was using tax-payers' cash to sweep the corridors of its Hove HQ for bugs - and shuffle staff around to make sure no secrets are overheard through the walls (tip for worried Tory councillors: lower your voices a little!)

But the latest news to leak its way out of King's House is even weirder: apparently the word 'green' has been banned from council-speak so leader Mary Mears isn't constantly reminded of our presence.

It seems senior officers have been warned to avoid using certain words known to wind up Mary's flagging administration - or risk losing support for future policy initiatives.
It's not just 'green' that has been effectively banned - there's a whole list of words and phrases that will be missing from Brighton council-speak as long as the Tories run things: 'Europe' and 'Government initiative' also make the cut.

I wonder how the French cabbage likely to be served to councillors during our next official meal (as part of the Government's 5-a-day initiative) will be described? Vegetable matter of unspecified origin and appearance, perhaps? Or, more importantly, when will they start burning books at King's House?


  1. I have to say the Argus report is the first I've heard of this.

  2. Thanks Andy

    To be honest, I'm amazed the Argus ran this one - there's so much hearsay involved. I got this from two different sources, (both of whom I consider very reliable) neither of whom was prepared to be quoted!