Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bookies put money on Greens to win Brighton MP

Pollsters and bookmakers have very different ways of predicting election results: both have lessons for those of us nerdy enough to follow the number-crunching details.

Gamblers and psephologists usually, but not always agree. There seems to be a growing consensus among both though that Brighton will return at least one Green MP to Westminster at the next election.

The Kemptown figures aren't available in the same way (well I don't know how to get that display, anyway) - but in neighbouring Brighton Pavilion, Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas is outright favourite to win at bookies Paddy Power and SkyBet and joint favourite at Ladbrokes.

I hope they are proved right. Green MPs for Brighton and Hove would be able to argue for a fairer city - and society: a win for everybody.

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