Sunday, 29 November 2009

Brian Eno named artistic director for 2010 Brighton Festival

Musician and political campaigner Brian Eno has been named 'Guest Artistic Director' for next year's Brihhton Festival. The appointment has already got Greens across the city jumping for joy - as he's something of a fellow traveller, it seems (and I'm not just talking about his decision to name a 1975 album 'Another Green World').

Perhaps best-known for his haunting keyboard riffs in the background of most of Roxy Music's tunes, Eno has migrated into the world of politics a little. He's a regular critic of the Labour Government and the Tories alike on BBC Question Time, and a champion of civil liberties at a time when the cause of freedom from state interference needs a champion or two.

Check out this video - and watch this space for more on Brighton Festival as and when there are more tales to tell.

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