Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Brighton on the 'blogosphere

At risk of being too self-referential, I thought I'd just post links to three other 'blogs this morning.

Brighton Politics Blog provides an anonymous commentary on all things political in Brighton and Hove, and in his (her?) latest post (s)he summarises some of the city's best political bloggers.

(S)he was quite kind to me: thanks for the namecheck BPB, if you're reading, and the advice (I'll make posts shorter now!).

He's missing one of the best political blogs though for a local take on national issues, that of Caroline Lucas, local MEP, Green Party Leader, and parliamentary candidate in Brighton Pavilion. You can find her blog here.

And finally, a new-ish Brighton and Hove news website has sprung up. I wish them well!

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