Sunday, 29 November 2009

Brighton Tories lead Cameron's 'de-toffing' efforts

The bizarre Mail on Sunday (aside: Mark Thomas made me lol t'other day when he suggested its masthead should be forced to carry the words: 'The Newspaper that Supported Hitler') quotes two local Tories today in a piece about David Cameron's backfiring efforts to 'de-toff' the 'New Tories' by banishing candidates' double-barrelled names.

Simon Radford Kirby, the former pub mogul and Pevensey councillor who hopes to become Brighton Kemptown MP, and Scott Seaman-Digby, who was ditched at potential Tory candidate for neighbouring Brighton Pavilion a fortnight ago, have both quietly dropped their double-barrelled names, but deny being asked to so by their cuddly leader Dave Cameron.

After it was reveled that fellow Tory MP hopeful Annunziata Rees-Mogg had refused Cameron's instruction to change her name to plain old Nancy Mogg, Mr Kirby said he was exactly the same person whether or not he went by the name Radford-Kirby or just Kirby. Well he's spot on treally, and I just guess the question is wheter he's the right person for the job of representing Brighton Kemptown, whatever his name. The people I meet around the constituency on a daily basis certainly won't be supporting him - but it's not his name they object to: it's his politics.

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