Sunday, 1 November 2009

Farming meat and dairy causes more than half world's greenhouse gas emissions

A new study reckons the meat and dairy industry is responsible for more than half all climate change emissions - suggesting changing our diet could be the biggest single step we could take to warding off the most devastating impact of climate change.

The preliminary findings - released on World Vegan Day - of a study by two World Bank economists say previous estimates saying meat and dairy caused about a fifth of all carbon emissions underestimated the problem by more than half.

Of course, what people choose to eat is a personal matter - but Brighton and Hove City Council - and, nationally, the Government - should be doing everything they can to promote healthy, cheap, cruelty-free and climate-friendly vegetarian and vegan food as an alternative to meat.

As an absolute minimum that means offering and promoting vegan food at all city schools, museums and leisure centres and teaching all kids about veganism at council-run primary schools.

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