Monday, 2 November 2009

Government inspectors grant permission to bulldoze Brighton allotment site

Government planning inspectors have stuck two fingers up at residents and campaigners by giving the go-ahead for building on the site of the former London Road allotments in Brighton.

The site, which has never before been built on, has become a haven for slow worms and other urban wildlife, according to the Friends of London Road Allotments (FLORA) group.

But alas no longer. Work bulldozing the site could start within weeks now, thanks to the Government decision - and other open spaces throughout the city could be next.

Cllr Amy Kennedy (pictured), who speaks for the Green councillors on planning issues, was quick to condemn the ruling:

“This bitterly disappointing decision comes after years of campaigning by residents, councillors and the FLORA group,"
she said.

“Now this urban oasis will be lost forever, and I have profound concerns for the preservation of other cherished open spaces in our city.”

"As a city, we are hemmed in by the sea and the South Downs, and these valuable pockets of wildlife habitat are quite rightly much-loved by the residents who live nearby.

“Sadly it may now become impossible for us to protect these sites, despite the best efforts of officers, councillors and residents alike. This is a grim day for the planning system in Brighton & Hove”.

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  1. "hemmed in by the sea and the South Downs"

    it could be worse!