Thursday, 5 November 2009

New Brighton-based online book review site goes live

Last week, I launched a new website: Ben's Bookshop. The idea couldn't be simpler:
1. Launch a free blog
2. Post reviews of books I read on it
3. Make money from commission when ever anyone, inspired by the review, decides to buy a  book there and then

So there you go then: Ben's Bookshop was born.

But the trouble is, enthusiasm to write the first few items - the one's no-one is ever likely actually to read - is in short supply. A week's gone by, the site boasts just two posts, and so far has had just 12 visitors (none of which, needless to say, has actually bought anything).

It looks like I'm going to have to be busy if I'm going to build the site into a useful web resource: a source for reliable and informative book reviews, concentrating especially on the fields of popular economics, politics and psychology. Guest posts and reviews are, of course, always welcome.

Meanwhile, while I build the content up a little, please consider making any Amazon-style online purchases via my site - not only are most prices discounted, but the commission I make will help fund my time to do entries on this site too.

Thanks, and sorry for selling.

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