Monday, 9 November 2009

Preston Circus to 'turn Japanese'?

Last week London's Oxford Circus 'turned Japenese'. Taking their cue from Shibuya in Tokyo, the capital's transport planners have re-timed the traffic lights at the junction so they all stop at once, allowing pedestrians to cross in all directions, including diagonanally. It seems to be working well.

Here's a video clip of the original inspiration in full effect.

But the real question for me isn't can we export a brilliant Japanese idea into London, but can we import it into Brighton? Well, the answer is maybe.

Today Green Party councillor Ian Davey suggested to members of the council's environment scrutiny committee that the same principle might work well at Preston Circus.

Traffic officers said they were looking at the idea - personally I'm not sure if there are enough pedestrians to make it work at Preston Circus but I don't think there's a Brighton junction in need of a more radical approach to tackle congestion, air quality and pedestrian delays.. remember, you heard it here first!

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