Friday, 27 November 2009

Whitehawk's Crew Club is too important to close

Whitehawk's Crew Club plays an integral role in the community and simply must not be allowed to close.

This view is widely-shared - across the council, by senior police, by councillors - but Brighton and Hove Council last week decided there just wasn't enough money in the pot to keep the crew Club open ahead of planned improvements three years down the line.

Councillors of all parties met last week to decide on the level of long-term (three year) grants to community groups around the city. They agreed that, thanks to a lower than average Government grant to Brighton Council - and the expectation of a record low Council Tax increase, they just couldn't give the Crew Club all the money it needs to guarantee its future.

They can't realistically overturn that decision now without throwing community groups across the city into turmoil - but the council, and the police, must work together to help find the cash and keep the Crew club open.

But I have asked Brighton police to help as well as the council, and received informal assurances from both that the money can be found from other sources - I hope so, the Crew Club is simply too important to close.

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