Friday, 18 December 2009

Brighton's housing backlog will take nine years to clear, says Shelter

A new report by homeless charity Shelter has calculated that it would take Brighton and Hove council nearly nine years to clear their housing backlog, placing Brighton in the bottom third of the country. Shelter says a total of 82 authorities would take between a decade and 33 years to clear their waiting lists.

I am horrified by these figures. With Christmas fast approaching, I can imagine how difficult it must be for families living in temporary accommodation, or waiting to be moved. And with the weather getting colder by the day, and Brighton grinding to a halt (as usual) after a couple of inches of snow have fallen,, it is unacceptable that we should even have one homeless person sleeping on the streets in the UK. 

The Green Party believes that the Government has a key role to play in addressing the housing crisis by employing building workers in a large programme of environmentally sustainable social housing, creating both new homes and new jobs.

And locally, the Council has a responsibility to make extra efforts to ensure empty homes are brought into use - a real problem here in Brighton. Greens strongly advocate extra support to enable the homeless to get off the streets and into safe accommodation.

Mary M and Gordon B should be ashamed of themselves - I bet they'll be nice and warm this Christmas.

Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Party leader, and (hopefully) Brighton Pavilion's next MP, told today's Argus (not online yet): "Many families are forced to leave the city because they cannot find affordable homes, and workers such as nurses, teachers and local government workers struggle to afford to live in the communities they work for. The Council needs to introduce first time buyer grants, which would revive the private housing market, and stop the sale of council houses in order to put an end to this postcode lottery of housing."

She's spot on, as usual.

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  1. It may take nine years to clear this backlog butit has been labour that has controlled this city for over 20 years. The Conservatives have alot to makeup for to introduce the changes our city needs to thrive, the Conservative council has introduced a homelessnes strategy for 2009-2014, did the greens support this? The Conservatives proposed a £100m redevelopment of the London road area, why did the Greens not support this? The Conservatives are spending £20 million to bring its housing stock up to standard.
    Conservative plans in its 09/14 housing strategy include measures to help the Elderly, LGBT & BME needs and student requirements...i'm sure Ben you will supoort all of these measures!