Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Gossip from behind Brighton Council's political barracades

The next full elections for Brighton Council aren't scheduled to take place until May 2011.

But already the candidates are lining up, it seems.

A well-known Labour Party activist I bumped into in St James's Street the other day told me that he had been rejected as a local Labour council candidate here in Queen's Park - and that he may stand here as an Independent against Labour (and me!).

He suggested that only one candidate had been chosen for sure - and that she was a woman, though he wouldn't tell me who.

My money's on perennial election-loser Lis Telcs. Lis has contacts at the very heart of the party - and has desperately sought to be a councillor: she came 6th in the formerly safe Labour ward of Moulescoomb and Bevendean in 2007, and was beaten again, this time by Green councillor Alex Philips in the Goldsmid by-election earlier this year. If she wants to stand again, Queen's Park is just about the only ward left in which she hasn't been rejected by voters already, isn't already taken, or has no chance at all of returning a Labour councillor.

Whoever it is, I can't wait to meet her when she is finally selected. I hope she's as keen as the nice Tory boy I met yesterday, Patrick, who turned up to last night's monthly meeting of the Friends of Saunders Park, introduced himself as the Tory candidate for Hollingbury and Stanmer ward (if that's what it's called these days?), and promised to come back next time.

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