Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Government backs Green Party policy on reducing road speed limits

The Government has today announced that it will be adopting the Green Party policy of cutting speed limits to 20 mph in residential areas - to save lives, cut traffic jams - and reduce climate-damaging carbon emissions.

Road Safety Minister Paul Clark said new rules would allow councils to put in place 20 mph schemes over groups of streets - without the need for costly - and often ineffective - traffic calming measures, such as speed humps. 

Cutting the speed limit is a common sense solution to Brighton's traffic problems that would have immediate effects. 1 in 40 pedestrians struck by a car at 20mph die, compared with 1 in 5 at 30mph. At 40mph the survival rate falls to 10 per cent. 

As Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said today: "The numbers speak for themselves: twenty really is plenty." 

Personally, I welcome the Government's change of heart over this issue. It's always nice to see Green Party policy adopted by others.

I hope they will go further to help make our streets safer, making public transport more affordable, and offering practical alternatives that make it easier for people to leave the car at home.

There's loads more information on the issue at the Twenty's Plenty website - and anyone wanting to add their name to a petition calling for Brighton and Hove to follow Portsmouth and Bristol's example by introducing a blanket 20 mph across the city centre and in residential areas can do so here.

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