Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Homeless benefit from national Rage Against The X-Factor

If you were moved by my previous post about the nine-year housing backlog in Brighton and Hove then here's some excellent news - Shelter, the homeless charity that produced the figures in the first place, has benefitted to the tune of about £80,000 (and counting!) thanks to a bit of direct action to reclaim the Christmas Number One slot from X-Factor and Tory luvvy Simon Cowell's shmaltzy TV-produced pop.

More than a million people joined a facebook group dedicated to promoting download purchases of the Rage Against The Machine ditty (sample lyric: Fuck You! I won't do what you tell me!) in the hope of it becoming the Christmas number one single ahead of this year's predictable X-factor winner, Joe Someone.

It wasn't just about protesting about the way manufactured music has taken over the charts - but about the whole notion of an over-commercialised Christmas. And best of all, each purchaser was given the option of donating to Shelter with their purchase, in an attempt to do something a litte more useful than symbolic with the campaign's energy.

And best of all - it worked. Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing in the Name' was duly named Christmas Number One on Sunday - and the band has now said it will donate some of its 'windfall' profit to Shelter, and come over to the UK sometime in the New Year to play a free 'thank you' gig for British fans. I can't wait!

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