Monday, 21 December 2009

Icy pavements take toll as 100 present with broken limbs at Brighton hospital - in one morning

I have just heard that more than 100 people have turned up at hospital this morning with broken limbs after falling on Brighton's icy  pavements. That includes one elderly resident of Leach Court who, I have been told, has fractured both a hip and an arm in three places.

This is terrible. According to Help the Aged and Age Concern  many older residents who break a limb in a fall never fully recover.

Brighton and Hove City Council is working hard to keep the roads open, both for traffic and the emergency vehicles having to rush around helping all the casualties, but many residents are feeling a little left out in the cold - literally - by the council's failure to grit side streets and pavements, especially in residential areas and outside the shopping centre.

The priority for everyone now must be getting the streets and pavements passable again, and ensuring all residents, especially those who are older or otherwise especially vulnerable, are ok.

When the thaw has come and gone we'll need some serious scrutiny into the council's response to this entirely predicted cold snap.

Of course the council can't control the weather, but it can control its response to it - and, crucially, how much money it spends on ensuring we are all safe and well in winter.

I hope some lessons are learned - they clearly weren't last time.

And if you think I'm being a little unfair on the council - just take a look at this self-congratulatory press release it issued before the weekend. Talk about pride before a fall! Trouble is, it's the council's political masters who are proud, and the city's older and more vulnaerable residents who are having the falls.

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  1. Just a suggestion, but how about a bit of a "be a good neighbour" campaign, Ben? If all the owners of those garden gates in your picture had chucked half a pot of salt outside their bit, that pavement would be clear, at a cost of mere pence to anyone.