Monday, 7 December 2009

Labour's early Christmas gift to the Greens here in Kemptown...

It seems the strategists at Labour Party HQ have come up with a wonderful wheeze for keeping the Tories out at next year's election - look for seats, like Brighton Kemptown, where the Green Party has traditionally done rather well, and campaign hard on, erm, environmental issues.

It's the early Christmas present we could never have dared wish for. Over recent months it's become pretty clear to everyone that there's little policy difference between Labour and the Tories, but people have had enough of the war, sleaze, bank-bailouts and economic collapse that Labour have imposed on us all, so we'll probably end up with a Tory government by default.

The only real questions left are whether the Tories will win an outright majority, and if so how big will it be - put simply, the more Tory MPs we return, the more scope they'll have for tax cuts, job losses and privatisation - and how many seats the smaller parties will pick up: will the Greens win seats in Brighton, London, Norwich and Edinburgh, in other words.

Personally, I think a Green MP here in Brighton Kemptopwn will be best able to challenge the Tory government to make sure the cuts don't hit us too hard locally - and to champion the interests of the constituency (and make the argument that 'Fair is Worth Fighting For') - without being encumbered by top-down party that's just suffered its heaviest defaeat in a generation.

And by stating their aim to make the policy battle about the environment, the one issue where Greens consistently outpoll the Labour Party - Mandelson and his cronies have juast made a more likely than ever that a Green MP is what Kemptown will return.

Thanks, Peter.

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