Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Labour's early Christmas present seems to be paying off already - latest poll shows Greens on track for victory here in Brighton

A month or so ago I mused that a Labour Party decision to focus their campaigning efforts on environmental issues in marginal seats was something of an early Christmas present for the Green Party here in Brighton.

To take the one issue that voters most often say they trust the Green Party on more than anyone - and make that the thing Labour candidates will talk about most (especially when Gord-help-us Brown and Energy Secretyary Ed Miliband were busy pretending the failed climate talks at Copenhagen had produced a deal worth the paper it was written on) seemed bound to make it more likely that we will win seats at Labour's expense in areas where the strategy was applied.

And the latest poll of voting intentions here in Brighton seems to show that to be the case: an ICM poll of more than 500 voters in Brighton Pavilion show that Green Party leader Caroline Lucas is on track to pick up the seat, with 35% of voters saying they'll vote Green in March - or whenever Gord-help-us decides to call this year's election.

Some 27% of people said they'd be voting Tory, and just 25% Labour. The Lib-Dems, who don't hold a single council seat anywhere in Brighton, look set to claim the votes of a mere 11% of people.

Perhaps even more interestingly, a full 63% of those who said they'd be likely to vote Labour or Lib-Dem said they'd switch to vote Green if they thought doing so would be the most effective way of keeping the Tories out. I'm not a fan of tactical voting myslef - I have always voted for the candidate I believed in most, and I hope most voters do too - but it does seem as though tghe Greens are set to win here in Brighton, however you cut it.

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  1. Hugh Kerr a former Labour MEP is going to becoming down in january to do some canvassing, I am working on getting as many people down as possible to canvass for Caroline.

    it will be hard work but she can win!