Wednesday, 27 January 2010

All you need is love? More hateful nonsense from Blackberry...

 Poor old Paul McCartney. Well, not literally, of course: but he has to look himself in the eye every morning and reflect on the fact that despite everything, all the music, all the history, all the great animal rights campaigning, his songs are still being used to hawk shitty techno-devices designed to make our eveyday lives more miserable - and, ultimately, to fuel resource wars as we scrap over materials - and to clog up landfill sites around the countryside when it all, inevitably, gets chucked away.

John Lennon - by contrast - doesn't have to hear 'All You Need is Love' being used to flog Blackberry 'phones. Being dead, no-one can reasonably blame him for being just another corprate shill.

Personally, I'm with Bill Hicks on this one: once you've allowed your creations to be used to advertise products you're off the artistic rollcall for life.

Blackberry. I mean, for God's sake, is there a product more hateful out there?

They should come with a health warning really: 'Crackberry. They are addictive - and, just like too much drinking, or endless video games - letting it into your life can seriously damage your intimate social relationships.'

And remember,we already had phones before they invented the Crackberry: but this one was different - you could do work on it on your own time - let the boss into the bedroom, so to speak, in a way that just wasn't possible before.

Love, man.

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