Friday, 15 January 2010

Another former Labour politician helps out the Greens in Brighton

It's always a symbolic shot in the arm when a former political opponent comes out to back you in an election.

So it feels good having learned today that former Labour Euro-MP Hugh Kerr (pictured, left) is coming to Brighton tomorrow to help our local efforts: he'll be knocking on doors as well as delivering Green Party leaflets, trying to persuasde people that voting Green here in Brighton is the progressive, and realistic choice. If my son's up for a bit of 'posting', I look forward to joining him on the doorstep myself.


  1. Kerr changes parties with the weather: Labour, SSP, Solidarity, now perhaps Green. Since leaving Labour he also seems to have a knack for backing losers... Great catch!

  2. A good man and did his bit in the rain, I think it is fair to say the Scottish left have been very divided, this is not Hugh's fault.

    Any way very easy for people to sit at their laptops in the warm and slag off those who get on the streets and support green politics in a practical way.

    It was great to met Hugh today and his son has just joined the Green Party

  3. Yeah, I was out in the rain in Brighton too today.

    Just pointing out the quality of this supposed convert Ben's lauding.

  4. good you were out in the rain but I don' think the first people I would criticise our people helping Caroline and I don't think what you say about Hugh is fair.

    Left politics is messy but lets condemn those who sell out before those who try to do their bit however imperfectly.