Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Could this be the film that offends everyone?

I've always thought humour is one of the best ways of delving into the meaning of just about anything - and that one mark of a civilised, liberal, society is the degree of free speech accorded to comedians dealing with tricky subjects.

I guess I was schooled by Bill Hicks when he introduces a discussion on abortion during a stand-up comedy set after delivering the pre-amble: 'Let's talk about mass-murder of unborn children and see if we can't get a few belly laughs going...'

Anyway one of my favourite irreverent comedians is Chris Morris (he of Brass Eye and The Day Today fame). I particularly like it when he mocks the richest and most powerful - he's a particuilar fan of making MPs look as ridiculous as most of them really are.

In his latest film - 'Four Lions' - he takes a look at a bungling gang of English Jihadists. It's bound to offend almost everyone.

It opens in the US this week - and comes to these shores later this year. It looks great!

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  1. We need more of this. Too many people see only what they want to see, comedians like Hicks and Morris show us what we really look like. Satire is the mirror of truth.

    And the irReverend Bill Hicks would be having a field day with what's going on now...