Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tory big guns head for Brighton

Yesterday, it is widely reported, the Tories had a 'mass canvass' here in Brighton Kemptown. Some of their sitting MPs, and supporters from elsewhere in the country, braved the wintry weather for a day out by the seaside - and were met by a handful of local Tories (they really do exist, apparently, even here in Kemp Town!) when they got here.

Some local residents were pleased to see them, I'm told - some less so, but either way it shows that Lord Ashcroft - or whoever's making the big strategic decisions at Tory HQ in London - reckons it's all to play for here Brighton Kemptown.

Nothing's in the bag here - and that's why everyone seems to be trying so hard.

But to be honest no-one I meet on the doorstep is very interested in a few visiting MPs. It's policies they want to hear about, policies that will make Britain a fairer place in the long-term, policies that will create jobs, cut climate change emissions, protect our much-loved public services - and defend local interests here in Brighton. I can't therefore imagine the big guns' flying visit will have made much difference.

Poor old Charlotte Vere must be feeling a bit dejected about it all though: Brighton Pavilion wasn't on the list of key marginals singled out for national attention - and given that the sitting MP's Labour, and the Greens are ahead in the polls - it looks like she's been abandoned and won't be benefiting from Ashcroft's millions, or Cameron's campaigning, at all.


  1. Thank you Ben for informing your followers about how hard Simon Kirby and the Conservatives are working in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven. We had 12 MPs down here along with 40 or so local volunteers...despite the cold weather! A great start to what proves to be a very important year for the United Kingdom!

  2. You forgot to mention Ben residents of Brighton campaigning hard on the streets of Brighton for the Green Party on the same snowy day!

    We're just as hardworking.